Cherish life before it's too late!

I woke up one misty morning
To Find the silence around, daunting
Everyone had long gone
And I was left all alone
I tried to approach my reflection
But It too showed a disconnection

Scared of it all, I started weeping
Suddenly, my phone started bleeping
Through moist eyes I tried to read
The message was from God indeed
Not able to believe what I just saw
I closed my eyes, tried to withdraw

Something shook me hard
And I jumped like a retard
It was a great relief to see
My mom waking me up for tea
With joy, I wanted to scream
For it had just been a bad dream

That moment taught me a lesson
Love henceforth shall I reckon
We often remain uncaring till it is lost
Whatever we receive free of cost
Learn to value what you have because
Not everyone is reminded in advance